Your pathway to peace of mind.

Using bilateral stimulation to support healing, growth, and transformation.

Did you know bilateral stimulation naturally helps the body process anxiety and trauma?

Our tabs offer a beautiful, redesigned solution to those looking for the proven benefits of bilateral stimulation and EMDR tappers.

Reduce Anxiety

Tabs can be used anytime, anywhere to reduce symptoms of anxiety in under 30 seconds.

Increase Focus

Whether it's before an important meeting or the big game, our Tabs can help ensure you're at your best.

Improve Sleep

Don’t let your racing thoughts rob you of a good night's sleep. Tabs put the power back in your hands.

Say hello to the future of mindful technology.

Tabs provide tactile and visual bilateral stimulation, common in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, to help reduce anxiety, increase focus, and improve sleep. Designed to be as elegant and accessible as they are effective.

Access lessons from leading EMDR therapists, guided meditations, bilateral beats and more.

Expand your wellness journey with the Dharma Dr. app's collection of content, self-guided sessions, and more. Connect your wireless tabs to control the speed and intensity of your tappers on your own, or let your therapist control them remotely.

I haven't been able to find wireless buzzers for EMDR, and I am excited about the tabs for a few reasons. The sleek design is not only attractive, but the weight of the tabs are comfortable and they feel durable. I have witnessed clients, after months and even years of talk therapy, rapidly transform their emotional pain into growth.
— Avalon Derlacki, LPC, Catalyst Counseling

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